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Top 20 Cool and Unusual Hotels in Porto 2023

Discover the best hotels in Porto, Portugal, for your next stay. From luxurious boutiques to budget-friendly options, explore award-winning accommodations with various pros and cons. Plan your perfect trip with our comprehensive guide.

Cool and Unusual Hotels in Lisbon

22 Cool and Unusual Hotels in Lisbon

Portugal’s balmy historic capital is becoming an increasingly de rigueur city break destination. Once visited, it’s easy to see why – Lisbon is a picture-perfect panorama of ancient ruins, glitzy cafes and boutique shops, and … Read more

Places to visit in Madeira

Top 24 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Madeira

This woefully underrated travel destination forms part of the cluster of Portuguese owned islands located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Volcanic in origin with rugged interiors lined with lush vegetarian and exotic flowers, the tourist masses tend to avoid this subtropical paradise leaving its natural beauty to those in the know. Here is our choice for 10 of the most beautiful places to visit in Madeira…