Top 22 Unspoilt Resorts in Majorca for Travel Snobs

Majorca is the picturesque island with thousands of kilometres of coastline and countless areas of stunning natural beauty and despite its huge popularity as a Brit holiday destination, you can avoid the concrete high-rise hotels that have blighted its more popular resorts.

From pretty rustic villages to Caribbean-like beaches here is our choice for the most beautiful, unspoiled, authentic and mostly very quiet resorts to holiday in Majorca for travel snobs everywhere…

1. Puerto Pollensa – a small quiet holiday resort town in Majorca with pine-fringed beaches, crystal-clear waters and charming restaurantsPuerto Pollensa Majorca

Port Pollenca in Majorca

Puerto Pollensa Beach

The northern resort town of Port Pollenca has attracted holidaymakers for decades. However, unlike some of the other towns in Majorca, Port Pollenca has done a remarkable job of maintaining a feeling of authenticity.

The prohibitive building regulations have meant that the town has retained its historic buildings and has not been inundated with tourist traps.

This attracts visitors looking for an unspoilt location to visit in Majorca. The long sandy beaches are also a major drawcard for visitors as are the excellent cafes and restaurants.

Like many other Majorcan towns, Port Pollenca was once a fishing village. It has managed to remain true to its roots, with many fishing boats still using the port to offload their catch.

The port sits in a large horseshoe-shaped bay which provides excellent sea views against the backdrop of the nearby Serra de Tramuntana mountain range. There are multiple beaches to explore including the tranquil Pine Walk promenade and slightly busier Port de Pollenca Beach.

My must-do highlights of Port Pollenca

  • Stroll along the magical pine walk in the evening to see a picturesque sunset.
  • Take a trip to the Sunday market in the old town where you can discover local treasures at over 300 stalls.
  • Go on a hike to the Insta-worthy secluded Cala Boquer beach surrounded by limestone cliffs and glistening waters.

Where is Port Pollenca located?

Port Pollenca is located in northern Majorca and is approximately a 50 minute drive from Palma de Mallorca Airport where you’ll fly into.

Our cool and unique hotel choice for Port Pollenca – Hoposa Pollentia

Hoposa Pollentia Majorca

2. Deia – a small and beautiful coastal village said to be one of the prettiest and one of the best places to stay in MajorcaDeia - a beautiful unspoiled resort in Majorca

Cala Deia Mallorca

This well renowned picturesque village in the North West of Mallorca is home to some of the island’s wealthiest residents and has been attracting visitors for hundreds of years.

Art, music, and literature feature prominently, with the poet Robert Graves settling here in the 1930s, and Virgin boss Richard Branson having owned a luxury hotel just outside the town.

Head down to the tiny beach of Cala Deia for a spot of sunbathing before grabbing a drink in Sa Fonda – a local’s bar where you might just spot famous musicians jamming the night away.

It makes a gorgeous and quiet destination in Majorca and if you want to stay in Deia there are a few beautiful boutique hotels in the village itself.

My must-do highlights of Deia

  • Explore Son Marroig for the most striking views across the horizon.
  • Indulge in a mix of international cuisine at an array of restaurants, including a Michelin-star delight.
  • If you’re looking to party the night away, make sure to visit the lively Sa Fonda bar located along the main street.

Where is Deia located?

Deia is a small coastal village located on the northwest coast of the island. It’s around a 40-minute drive from Palma Airport which is the airport you’ll fly into.

Our cool and unique hotel choice for Deia – Es Moli

Es Moli Deia Majorca

3. Sóller – a pretty but laid-back resort town which is home to a gorgeous beach and a picturesque harbourSoller Majorca

Soller Resort Majorca

While most of the party resorts are situated near Palma on the Southside of the island, the rugged North West is where to head for a little peace.

Try Soller, a large coastal town which is often overlooked in favour of its more showy neighbours. Set in a green valley and surrounded by orange groves, mountains and a clear blue sea Soller enjoys a particularly attractive position on the island.

The handful of boutique hotels (try Hotel L’Avenida or Ca’l Bisbe) newly renovated harbour and an elegant promenade lined with chic cafes also ensures it attracts a more discerning crowd.

My must-do highlights of Sóller

  • Wander around the beautiful town to admire the spectacular architecture characterised by Joan Rubid.
  • Enjoy the delicious taste of local oranges and citrus fruits with a trip to Ecovinyassa farm.
  • Take a romantic journey on the very scenic old wooden train and soak up the stunning landscape.

Where is Soller located?

Soller is a town located near the north west coast of the island around a 35 minute drive from Palma Airport which you’ll fly into.

Our cool and unique hotel choice for Sóller – Bikini Island & Mountain Port de Soller

Bikini Island & Mountain Port de Soller

4. Portocolom – a pretty village turned quiet Mallorcan resort with its own beach

Portocolom in Majorca

Portocolom in Majorca

Porto Colom Beach Majorca

Known for its literary and musical residents, Portocolom has so far managed to retain much of its original charm and resist the commercialisation that has spread to other parts of the island.

A pretty fishing village, Portocolom was once a thriving port but is now a quiet tourist retreat with a few large hotels and a sandy beachfront.

There’s plenty to see and do, with local vineyards open to tastings, scuba diving schools for the more adventurous, and the ancient burial site of Naveta within easy reach.

It’s perfect for holidaymakers wanting to relax and see the quieter side of Mallorca. The largest and nicest sandy beach here is Cala Marcal which is located in the southern part of town. 

My must-do highlights of Portocolom

  • Experience a sailing lesson with Escola Nàutica s’Algar school on the turquoise waters.
  • Hike to the peak of Puig Sant Salvador for breathtaking views overlooking the town and across the ocean.
  • For those who love history, visit the impressive prehistoric burial site, Naveta, dating back to 2,000 BC.

Where is Portocolom located? 

Portocolom is a village that lies on the east coast village of the island around a 50 minute drive from Palma Airport (which is where you’ll fly into).

Our cool and unique accommodation choice for Portocolom – Portomar Apartments

Portocolom Apartments

5. Cala Varques – a secluded, pristine beach popular with locals and tourists looking for a quiet day at the beachCala Varques in Majorca

If you are spending time on the eastern coast of Majorca, Cala Varques is a must-visit location. It is a secluded, pristine beach located between the resort towns of Portocolom and Porto Cristo. Cala Varques is a cove beach, with a rocky shore and crystal clear water.

Although it is mostly frequented by locals, it attracts small numbers of tourists who spend their time exploring the foreshore and swimming.

It is one of the favourite beaches amongst nature lovers as the area is packed with a wide array of flora and fauna. There are no permanent shops or restaurants, which makes it ideal for visitors looking for unspoilt locations.

In summer, there are sometimes vendors selling food and drinks, but you will probably need to bring your own supplies when visiting the area.

To reach Cala Varques, you must drive down a gravel road and then hike for about 15 minutes through a wooded area. Alternatively, you could hire a boat for the day and dock it in the cove.

The most popular activities enjoyed by visitors to Cala Varques include snorkelling, swimming, and hiking.

My must-do highlights of Cala Varques

  • Go snorkelling or swimming in the crystal-clear ocean to discover the underwater world.
  • Spend an afternoon sunbathing along the golden sand on one of the most relaxing beaches.
  • Take a guided tour to explore the impressive caves.

Our cool and unique hotel choice for this area – Hotel Rural Son Has

Hotel Rural Son Mas

6. Cala Figuera – a beautiful unspoilt village with stunning views and a real flavour of old MallorcaCala Figuera Majorca - a quiet resort to stay in Majorca

Cala Figuera in Majorca

Located in the south-east of Majorca is the beautiful village of Cala Figuera. It is a small town that has fully retained the atmosphere of a traditional fishing port.

Visitors can admire the quaint cottages dotted along the rocky outcrops before visiting a local restaurant or going for a walk on the foreshore. The lush vegetation and well-tended gardens give the town a feeling of serenity which makes it the perfect destination to unwind.

There are several winding paths from the tiny harbour to the cliffs worth exploring. These paths lead to a variety of exciting locations including lookouts offering spectacular views and secluded coves. Although the nearest beach is 4km away, there are plenty of opportunities for swimming and there is a diving school in the town.

Despite Cala Figuera having a resort feel, it still operates as a fishing village. You can sample the local seafood by making a purchase at the local markets or visiting one of the many high-quality seafood restaurants. It is a relaxing and serene location well worth visiting.

There are a handful of hotels in Cala Figuera but there are also a few very beautiful villas in the resort town and these are probably the best option if you want to stay in Cala Figuera.

My must-do highlights of Cala Figuera

  • Stroll down the scenic harbour to admire the marina views and pretty stone terraces and white-washed houses.
  • Embark upon a boat tour to explore the rugged coast on a classic yacht or luxury powerboat.
  • Hike to the Torre d’en Beu lighthouse for a magnificent viewpoint on the island.

Where is Cala Figuera located? 

Cala Figuera is a characterful village located on the South East Coast of Majorca. It’s located around a 45 minute drive from Palma Aiport. 

Our cool and unique accommodation choice for Cala Figuera – My Rent House Mallorca

Cala Figuera Apartment

7. Valldemossa – one of prettiest villages in Majorca home to a few charming hotels for an authentic stayValldemossa - a quiet resort in Majorca

Valldemossa in Majorca

Once named by Chopin as the most beautiful place in the world, this small corner of the Sierra de Tramuntana mountains is home to one of the prettiest villages in Majorca.

Located 17 km from Palma, the traditional stone village has developed over the years into a small, romantic and picturesque resort town surrounded by forested hills and gorgeous countryside making it a favourite destination for outdoor lovers.

Here you’ll also find the 13th monastery where the composer Chopin once lived during the winter of 1838 to 1839. The village is home to a few charming and beautiful hotels making it a fabulous alternative to the high-rise resorts on the coast.

My must-do highlights of Valldemossa

  • Visit the most iconic monument of the town, Royal Charterhouse, filled with a rich history of Mallorca.
  • Enjoy a walk through the cobbled paths surrounded by cypress trees and rose bushes at the gardens of King Juan Carlos.
  • For those after a piece of tranquillity, head down to the beautiful Sa Marina port. 

Where is Valldemossa?

Valldemossa is a pretty mountain village lcoated in the Serra de Tramuntana near the North West Coast of Majorca. it’s around a 30 minute drive from Palma Aiport.

Our cool and unique hotel choice for Valldemossa – Hotel Valldemossa

Hotel Valldemossa Majorca

8. Port d’Andratx – a picturesque fishing village which has become one of Mallorca’s classiest holiday resort destinationsPort d'Andratx resort in Majorca

Port d'Andratx in Majorca

For a taste of authentic Mallorca, try Andratx, an ancient traditional town complete with old townhouses, cobbled streets, and beautiful sea views.

Once a former fishing village, mass development has managed to escape Puerto de Andratx probably due to the area not having its own beach although don’t let that put you off, it’s a gorgeous spot!

Expect low-key bars and restaurants, a glistening harbour filled with gently bobbing boats and a much more cosmopolitan and exclusive crowd.

For example, it’s very popular with the yachting community and film stars whose gorgeous villas can be seen climbing up the hillsides. Easily one of the best resorts in Majorca to escape the mass crowds!

My must-do highlights of Port d’Andratx

  • Check out the stylish and quirky shops throughout the town filled with designer clothes, beautiful jewellery and fun souvenirs.
  • Play a round of golf at the fantastic 18-hole course of Golf de Andratx.
  • Charter a fancy yacht with its own skipper for the day to explore the southwest coastline.

Where is Port d’Andratx lcoated?

Port d’Andratx is a glitzy coastal resort town on the West Coast of the island. It’s around a 35 minute drive from Palma Airport.

Our cool and unique hotel choice for Port d’Andratx – Hotel Villa Italia

Port d’Andratx Spa hotel

9. Estellencs – a tranquil village situated on a rocky coastline and far removed from mass tourismEstellencs in Majorca

Estellencs in Majorca

The small village of Estellences is situated on the coastline of the Tramuntana mountains, far from the tourist hotspots of Majorca.

The drive into the village is quite exciting, with hairpin turns and spectacular views of the surrounding area. However, once you arrive at Estellences, you will immediately feel a sense of serenity, as it is a quiet location with beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea.

The village contains many timeworn buildings which have been constructed over the past centuries. Highlights include the 16th-century Tem Alemany Tower and the 17th-century Saint Juan Baptista parish church.

The former laundry square, which dates back to Arab rule, is also a must-see. Walking the cobbled streets and marvelling at the incredible architecture is an experience worth having.

My must-do highlights of Estellencs

  • Explore through the rustic, charming and Instagrammable streets located along a rocky coastline.
  • Take advantage of the unique hiking trails surrounding the town.
  • Cool off by taking a dip in the peaceful waters of Cala Estellencs beach.

Where is Estellencs located?

Estellencs is located on the west coast of Mallorca, around an hour’s drive from Palma Airport.

Our cool and unique hotel choice for Estellencs – Castell Son Claret

Castell Son Claret

10. Pollenca – an enchanting Mallorcan town filled with ancient blonde stone architecturePollenca -an enchanting Mallorcan desination

Pollenca destination in Majorca

In the northern part of Majorca lies the historic town of Pollenca. It is a beautiful village turned discerning Majorca resort with incredible stone architecture and dozens of interesting historical sites to explore.

The winding cobbled streets throughout Pollenca are lined with wonderful restaurants, cafes and bars, which showcase the high-quality food from local producers. There are also many historical locations to visit including the 365 Calvari Steps, Formentor Lighthouse, Puil de Pollenca, and Placa Major.

Pollenca is also home to some of Majorca’s most talented writers, musicians, and artists. This gives visitors the opportunity to see wonderful art, discover some great literature, and attend concerts performed by incredible musicians.

Although the town receives its fair share of tourists, it doesn’t feel like it has surrendered to tourism. It remains an authentic location that showcases the rich culture and history of Majorca.

My must-do highlights of Pollenca

  • Climb up the 365 Calvari Steps which lead to the top of the town and the charming Church of Nostra Senyora dels Angels.
  • Step through the famous, small but pretty Joan March Gardens and discover the medieval Gothic tower landmark.
  • Walk across the Roman Bridge which has an unknown past and was only first spoken of in 1403 historical sources.

Where is Pollenca located? 

Pollenca is a town lcoated inland but near the North Coast of Majorca. It’s around a 40 minute drive from Palma Aiport.

Our cool and unique hotel choice for Pollenca – Can Aulí Luxury Retreat – Adults Only

Can Aulí Luxury Retreat - Adults Only

11. Banyalbufar – one of the last remaining authentic coastal villages in MallorcaBanyalbufar in Majorca

Banyalbufar - a beautiful resort in Mallorca

Banyalbufar Beach

Banyalbufar is a small coastal village situated on the western coastline of Majorca. It is one of a handful of unspoilt villages left on the island, giving visitors the opportunity to see how Majorcans have lived for hundreds of years.

There are spectacular terraced hillsides surrounding the village, with dozens of homes built in the traditional Majorcan architectural style.

In combination with the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, this gives Banyalbufar a postcard-worthy appearance. Several hiking trails take visitors to the top of the surrounding hillsides.

From these vantage points, you can truly appreciate the views of the Tramuntana mountains and amazing sunsets that are on offer.

There are only a couple of small hotels in the village, along with a handful of cafes and bars. This adds to the authenticity of the village and you never feel like you are in a location solely designed to meet the preferences of tourists.

The ancient blonde stone buildings in the village give visitors a feeling of stepping back in time. There are also some amazing historical sites to visit including the Torre del Verger watchtower.

Although there are no sandy beaches near Banyalbufar, there are several pebbled beaches and tranquil coves – the perfect location for a swim or some sunbathing.

My must-do highlights of Banyalbufar

  • Taste the native Malvasia grape at Celler Ca’n Pico, one of the most exclusive wineries in Majorca.
  • Visit the historic Tower of Ses Ànimes dating back to the 17th century, for beautiful panoramic views.
  • Walk to the mystical waterfall in Cala Banalbafur to explore the coves.

Where is Banyalbufar located?

Banyalbufar is located on the West Coast of Majorca, around a 30-minute drive from Palma Airport.

Our cool and unique hotel choice for Banyalbufar – Hotel D´Interior Ca Mado Paula

Banyalbufar Hotel Majorca

12. Fornalutx – a very pretty rural mountain village and one of the best Mallorcan destinations to visitFornalutx - a quiet place in Mallorca

Fornalutx in Majorca

Nestled between two mountains high above the town of Soller, is Fornalutx which calls itself the prettiest village in Spain.

Offering a taste of traditional Mallorcan life, this peaceful place is home to saffron-coloured cottages and gorgeous stone-cobbled streets surrounded by lush orange groves and beautiful mountain views.

Making a fabulous rustic alternative to all the high-rise coastal resorts in Majorca, it’s home to some charming and authentic accommodation options in Fornalutx ensuring an extra special stay!

My must-do highlights of Fornalutx

  • Enjoy a coffee and people-watching at one of the main meeting points in the town, Plaza de España Square.
  • Admire the unique architecture of the town hall which features a significant defence tower.
  • For those who love to cycle, check out the famous GR221 long-distance route.

Where is Fornalutx located?

The mountainous village of Fornalutx is located in the North of the island near the coast, it’s located around a 40 minute drive from Palma Airport.

Our cool and unique hotel choice for Fornalutx – Hotel Can Verdera

Fornalutx hotel Majorca

13. Ariany – one of the least known corners of Mallorca which is ideal for a rural getaway

Ariany in Majorca

Ariany is one of the prettiest towns in Majorca and makes a fantastic alternative Majorcan resort. Its traditional architecture, cobbled streets, and tranquil surroundings also make it a haven for visitors looking for an unspoilt location to visit while on holiday.

Centrally located in the northern part of the island, it is a rural town with agricultural roots. This history is reflected by the many windmills, quaint farmhouses, and barns on display near the village.

The town has a long history and is home to some incredible historical sites. Highlights include the parish church (built in 1570), De la crew viewpoint (stunning views of Puig de Bonany and Puig de Randa), and the Creus de termino o Termino crosses.

Visitors often come to Ariany to access the many hiking trails surrounding the village. There are several circular trails available, which perfectly showcase the pristine local natural environment.

Fortunately for travellers, the town’s small size has meant that it is rarely visited by tour guide operators. You are much less likely to encounter other tourists and have a unique opportunity to experience what life is really like in the regional areas of Majorca.

My must-do highlights of Ariany

  • Stroll around the vibrant weekly market held in the Plaza Mayor square, filled with stalls selling local produce, clothing and more.
  • Take a trip to the romantic Mirador de sa Creu viewpoint surrounded by stunning rose beds.
  • Discover the traditional windmills, these iconic landmarks are spread throughout the area.

Where is Ariany located? 

Ariany is a small inland rural town located just off the centre of the island in the North East region. It’s around a 40 minute drive from Palma Airport.

Our cool and unique hotel choice for Ariany – Hotel D´Interior Ca Mado Paula

Ariany Hotel Majorca

14. Es Trenc – a beautiful Caribbean-like unspoilt beach that has natural feel and is one of the best places to visit in MajorcaEs Trenc - beautiful beaches in Majorca

Es Trenc - an unspoilt resort in Majorca

Mallorca is filled with beautiful beaches but finding an undeveloped one isn’t that easy. The long natural beach of Es Trenc is not attached to any resort so has much more of a natural, unspoiled feel.

With its wide stretch of sand and blue waters, it’s sometimes referred to as Mallorca’s answer to the Caribbean. Es Trenc’s slightly isolated position and protected status is probably part of the reason it’s an unofficial nudist beach, although everyone is welcome clothed or not.

My must-do highlights of Es Trenc

  • Spend the afternoon building sandcastles in the bright white sand.
  • Grab some food from Flor de Sal Es Trenc cafe and purchase some of their famous salt.

Where is Es Trenc located? 

Es Trenc is located on the south coast of Mallorca around a 40 minute drive from Palma Airport.

Our cool and unique hotel choice located near Es Trenc – Finca Hotel Rural Es Turó

Finca Hotel Rural Es Turó

15. Caimari – a sleepy, pretty and secluded inland village offering an authentic slice of Mallorcan lifeCalmari - a beautiful quiet place in Majorca

Caimari is a tranquil and picturesque inland village in the north of Majorca. Traditionally a farming town, Caimari is known for producing excellent olive oil, which can be purchased in many shops around Majorca.

There are dozens of converted farmhouses in Caimari which are now functioning as country hotels. The owners have carefully restored these buildings to reflect the original architectural style of homes in the area.

This gives visitors a chance to spend time in authentic properties which give them a chance to understand what life is like for permanent residents.

Most tourists visit Caimari to simply relax and explore the local area. However, there are many activities available including hiking, cycling, and golf.

There are several excellent restaurants in the town and opportunities to learn more about the history of the area and if you visit in February, you can admire a myriad of almond blossoms in beautiful shades of white, pink and vanilla.

My must-do highlights of Caimari

  • Walk up to the famous chapel of Lluc via the old pilgrim path whilst explore through the surrounding nature.
  • Appreciate some of the finest marjades in Majorca which help to grow the olive, almond and carob trees.
  • Visit the beautiful and bright old church which is worthy of an Instagrammable shot.

Where is Caimari located?

Caimari is a pretty and peaceful inland village located in the northern part of central Mallorca. It’s around a 40 minute drive from Palma Airport.

Our choice for a beautiful stay in the region – Sa Casa De Ses Bicicletes

Caimari Villa Majorca

16. Cala Tuent – a remote and tranquil beach on the northwest coast of MallorcaCala Tuent - a remote beach on Majorca

Cala Tuent Majorca

There are dozens of spectacular beaches around Majorca, but few offer the same experience as Cala Tuent. It’s a secluded sand mixed with pebbles beach and nature reserve located in the north-west of Majorca. Cala Tuent is reached via a narrow road that traverses the Tramuntana mountain range.

The drive is quite enjoyable, with some fantastic views during the journey. When you arrive at Cala Tuent you will be impressed by the stunning natural landscape on offer.

The lush greenery and sparkling Mediterranean sea make for an idyllic setting.

The location of Cala Tuent means that it receives far less tourists than other beaches in the region. It is the perfect location for the traveller who wants to enjoy a relaxing day by the ocean or explore some of Majorca’s best hiking trails.

My must-do highlights of Cala Tuent

  • Take a picnic and spend the day relaxing across the 100-metre stretch of tranquil beach.
  • Go snorkelling in the crystal-clear and calm waters along the bay.
  • Hike through the Sa Costara trail which can take you all the way to Soller, providing spectacular views of the Mediterranean. 

17. Cabrera Island – a stunning uninhabited island filled with unspoilt natural beautyCabrera Island in Majorca

Cabrera Island in Majorca

One of the best ways to avoid the hordes of tourists visiting Majorca is by travelling south to Cabrera Island. It is an uninhabited island about 50 kilometres south of Palma
de Mallorca.

The landscape of Cabrera Island has remained virtually unchanged for many centuries. It will remain that way thanks to its conservation status, which means that no additional buildings can be constructed. The island consists of jagged rocky outcrops and beautiful cove beaches.

Visitors can enjoy an extraordinarily diverse range of flora and fauna, including dolphins, ospreys, and falcons. A truly wonderful destination for nature lovers!

My must-do highlights of Cabrera Island

  • Embark on an excursion to see the Blue Cave and swim in its vibrant, sapphire colored waters.
  • Take a guided tour to one of the many interesting points across the island, such as the Cabrera Castle, Serra de Ses Figueres and La Miranda.
  • Find the perfect spot to watch a marvellous sunset over the island.

18. Campanet – a sleepy low-key village surrounded by stunning landscapesCampanet - a sleepy village in Mallorca

Campanet - pretty Mallorca destinations

Campanet is another small town located driving distance from the city of Palma. It is a historic location that has been inhabited since well before the Roman empire. The town receives very few tourists each year, which has helped it retain a feeling of authenticity.

Campanet is a wonderful location for shopping, with weekly markets (every Tuesday) and a variety of small businesses down the main strip. Visitors can also spend time in local restaurants, cafes, and bars, which offer excellent local cuisine.

But the major attraction in Campanet is the beautiful natural environment surrounding the village. It is located in the foothills of the Tramuntana mountains, a visually-stunning area with plenty of hiking trails to explore.

It is a pristine part of Majorca that you will enjoy. Thanks for reading! For more travel guides, be sure to subscribe to the blog and follow me on social media.

My must-do highlights of Campanet

  • Explore through the chambers and passageways of the Coves de Campanet to discover magnificient stalagmites and stalactites.
  • Wander around magnificent stalagmites and stalactites at one of the most unusual nature parks in Mallorca, Ses Font Ufanes.
  • Take a break from adventuring at the Placa Major square to enjoy a refreshing drink.

19. Santa Maria del Cami – a peaceful rural town and gateway to Mallorca’s wine countrySanta Maria del Cami in Majorca

Located on the Palma-Ina railway, this peaceful rural market town is also an artistic hub. Many of Mallorca’s potters work close by and the town is the centre of manufacture for ‘Roba de llengues’-  a cotton woven into bright zigzag patterns and used in curtains, bedspreads and upholstery.

Visit to buy locally produced arts and crafts, try a wine tour or just relax among the peaceful countryside surroundings.

My must-do highlights of Santa Maria del Cami

  • With over 300 years of experience in wine making, visiting one of the winery’s for a tasting is a definite must.
  • Get to know about the interesting history and culture of the town by strolling through the streets.
  • View an exhibit at the Ca’s Apotekari filled with local heritage.

20. Mondrago National Park – a beautiful protected area offering beautiful landscapes, dazzling coves and hiking trailsMondrago National Park Mallorca

Mondrago National Park in Majorca

For one of the most unspoiled naturally beautiful areas in Majorca head for the South East of the island. Mondrago National Park is a remote, peaceful place famous for its fine white sandy beaches, brilliant turquoise sea, rugged cliffs and dark green pine trees.

One of the two beautiful beaches were once named as the best beach in Europe and although it hasn’t escaped tourism its protected status ensures it remains perfectly preserved.

My must-do highlights of Mondrago National Park

  • Cool off with a dip in the idyllic, turquoise waters along the south-east coast.
  • Hike along Volto a sa Guardia d’en Garrot to wander through the stunning landscape.
  • If your looking to explore the underwater world, enjoy a snorkelling adventure.

21. Mancor de La Valle – an idyllic and authentic town surrounded by mountains and natureMancor de La Valle, Mallorca Mancor de La Valle

Mancor de La Valle is a small municipality located on the slopes of the Sierra de Tramuntana Mountain, about 40 kilometres north-west of Palma. Home to less than 1,000 people, it is a beautiful village that is steeped in history that dates back more than 700 years.

Mancor de La Valle is packed with rustic charm, thanks to the cobbled streets, classic Majorcan architecture, and historic sites. The beautiful manor houses, villas, and fincas are wonderful. Visitors can easily spend hours simply wandering the streets and marvelling at the design of these incredible buildings.

There are also markets, restaurants, bars, and cultural events to enjoy. It is a great destination for anyone interested in immersing themselves in Majorcan history and culture.

My must-do highlights of Mancor de La Valle

  • Try to find the oldest and most pretty building whilst enjoying the quiet countryside atmosphere.
  • View the town from a different perspective with a trip to Santa Lucia.
  • Check out one of the most symbolic spots in the town, the church of Sant Joan Baptista.

22. Es Torrent de Pareis – home to one of the most impressive gorge walks in the MediterraneanEs Torrent de Pareis - in Majorca Es Torrent Mallorca

Located on the island’s west coast, this is one of the largest gorge canyons in the Mediterranean.

With its hidden sandy cove surrounded by some serious limestone rocks, it’s also one of the prettiest natural spots on the island and not surprisingly a haven for gorge walkers, climbers, hikers and nature lovers.

Unlike some other Majorcan canyons, it doesn’t always require climbing equipment meaning it’s the perfect spot for less ambitious walkers!

My must-do highlights of Es Torrent de Pareis

  • If you love cycling, embarking on a cycling tour is the perfect activity to do.
  • Admire the natural monuments along the beach created by the erosion on limestone rocks caused by the water.

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    this is a great list of beautiful places on the Mallorca.
    We are lucky to call the area around Soller our second home. I do highly recommend the little village of Lluc Alcari to people who want to escape the crowds of the coast between Soller and Deia and the secluded cove of Cala Tuent is a great spot for a swim without having to fight over towel space. The Tramuntana Mountains also offer some incredible hiking trails for those visiting off season.

  4. From the first moment I set foot on Mallorca I fell in love with this island. I’ve traveled to many exotic places but hardly any can offer as much as Mallorca does. Some places that I really like are Calo des Moro and Figueres. The former is a beautiful hidden cove and it took me 3 visits to Mallorca before I found it. It’s well hidden and usually only locals know about it. The latter is a small fishing village, close to Cala d’Or and here I have tasted the most amazing fish including “dorada” and “lubina”. Village is tucked into a small cove and you can admire the fishing boats of the local folks.

  5. What an amazing list. I just heard the name of this place before but never bothered to search more about it, now that you have raised my curiosity I have to make plan to visit this place. Thank for the beautiful photos.

  6. Do you think I could go to Majorca in February, or is it still too cold? I’ve been wanting to go, but am so not a beach person. Your photos show some great towns.

    • It’s still pretty cold in February, May is a good time to go as the temperatures are pretty warm but you can avoid the worst of the crowds. There’s still plenty to do there even if you’re not a beach person, the towns and villages are very pretty.

  7. Ok, I have to admit that I didn’t know where Majorca was! I had to google it 😉

    But now that I know, I want to go! The photos are awesome, this place looks stunning.

    Adding it to my long list.


    • Yes definitely check it out although it’s pretty overdeveloped in some places there’s some places that are still really good for the independent traveller to explore 🙂

  8. So glad you didn’t mention Magaluf! We never visited that area – after Palma de Mallorca,we were advised to go north into the quieter countryside. Deia, Fornalutx, Soller – absolutely charming!


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